“Shane was great to work with. Shane knows his stuff, is a hard worker and is a man of integrity. I recommend Shane for anything related to computers, networking, software etc.” Tim Cooper, Former IT Manager at DuCharme, McMillen and Associates. Fort Wayne.”

Nominated for a Fort Wayne Newspapers 2014 Readers' Choice Award.

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Fort Wayne Computer Repair


Fort Wayne Computer Repair

 Grantham Consulting offers the following services:

 Speed up slow computers

Data Recovery

Data backup

Virus and Spyware detection, removal and prevention

One-on-one training

Repairing computers which won’t start

Repairing “frozen” computers

Computer Security

New computer set up

Backups to CD-Rom, DVD, external hard drive or flash drives

Moving or sharing data on a computer network

Social Media Training

Social Media Coaching

Using Linux on older computers

Email setups

Network cabling (Ethernet)


Fort Wayne Computer Repair

Fort Wayne computer repair is something Grantham Consulting has been offering in Fort Wayne and the surrounding areas for more than ten years.  Grantham Consulting can provide desktop computer and laptop repair seven days a week. They also offer tablet and Smartphone setups and training.


 Grantham Consulting provides training and can repair your desktop computer or laptop on-site, by remote control, or on the phone.


 Shane Grantham, president of Grantham Consulting, has experience with the detection, removal and prevention of Malware (viruses). He is also experienced at recovering data, repairing computer hardware and software problems.


 Shane Grantham has been tearing apart and putting electronic gadgets back together since he was a teenager. His purpose in life to make sure his clients’ computers are operating at full capacity He graduated from Purdue University at Fort Wayne with a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology in 1986. In 1992 he earned his associates degree in computer science.


   After working for military contractors and computer service businesses for many years, he decided he wanted to go out on his own and service computers for small businesses and at customer’s homes.


 His clients typically do not have a dedicated computer professional on staff.


 He started Grantham Consulting, Inc. in 2003. Owning his own business means he can accommodate his customers’ busy schedules during the day, night or weekend. His rates are considerably cheaper than most computer repair places.


The next time you need help with your computer, laptop, tablet or Smartphone; call Grantham Consulting at 260-414-9617. Remember Shane Grantham has more than 30 years of experience working on computers.


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